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1. How many people can accommodate at Kota Bharu KB Homestay?
    We estimate 8-10 adults can accommodate at one time

2. Does Kota Bharu KB homestay provide airport transfer?
    Yes, we do if we are informed earlier and subject to our confirmation.

3. What are the facilities that Kota Bharu KB homestay provide?
    Please refer our facilities page.

4. How do I make a booking?

    Booking can be made via online or by phone call, all bookings are only valid by             confirmation from us.

5. What is the check in and check out time? Is there any late check out service?

6. How to make payment to Kota Bharu KB homestay?

7. Do you provide breakfast?

If FAQs above do not answer your question, please feel free to write us email at Contact Us page.


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Extra Privilege

Most of the facilities provided at Kota Bharu KB homestay are new items purposely brought for this homestay. Air-conditionings are branded from York and are well known for fast cooling. We want to ensure that our customer can have good sleep during the hot season.

We also provide hot shower bathroom.


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