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We Cancel to operate in KB

We plan to sell this website, all photos and description can be changed, the website has good ranking in search engine, buyer will get targeted traffics easily. Selling this optimized website at the price of RM2000, very cheap.

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Our homestay has recently upgraded to suit the customer needs and satisfactions. With a big living and dining hall relatively, make this house a nice place for gathering and spend time with family and relatives. Also suits for those who travel with friends and plan to have a short stay in Kota Bharu KB. We also have package for out stationed customers who plans to bring their family with reasonable charge. Enjoy RM99 per night for a week stay. This is a chance to experience a nice stay lifestyle at reasonable price.

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Stay with us, why?

You will discover that things here move at a slightly slower pace than in the city of Kota Bharu KB, and for those who relish the quiet calm of the rustic life, this is possibly as good as it gets. Homestay guests will not just be immersed in the lifestyle of the locals; they will also quickly establish a bond with their warm and welcoming families who will treat them like family.

Visitors will experience the full spectrum of village life. Home-cooking lessons and meal times will surely be a memorable part of your stay. The wide variety and sumptuousness of painstakingly prepared dishes can sometimes be enough to confuse most Kota Bharu KB people! Guests will learn how to prepare the food. This might include gathering, cooking and washing it as well.


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